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Cleveland way relay

Well, what a day yesterday!

I'm so proud of our Pickering relay team and thank you all for your efforts! It all went like clockwork!!!!!

Cleveland Way Relay

Hi Everyone!!

Cleveland way relay

Hi All!! It's Jen on mum's account!

Please see below the updated version of the Cleveland way relay team. If you haven't yet already please let me know your estimates time/pace.

We don't yet have enough people for two teams but with a few more we could so please get in touch! 

Phone: 07791124214


If you are struggling with lifts please let me know.



York Marathon

Just thought I would share my new found recipe for a marathon PB: become distracted by flamboyant supporters at mile 1, trip over a speed bump, leave little bits of hands and knees on said bump, hurt left hand so badly that you can't think about anything else, become completely oblivious to everything but the scary oozy stuff and evading conscientious paramedics, simply head for the finish as quickly as possible too preoccupied for doubt or any other pain, run across finish line, finally get scooped up by a lovely medic, get hugged, patched up and burst into tears! Voila!


Hello, we have vests! Will try to remember to take them on Thursday. If you'd like one, please bring along £18. Nicola 


Hi, pay days have come and gone but there are still 8 regulars who haven't paid. I have a list and a particular set of skills! Please could you pay. The bank details are in a forum if you'd like to pay by transfer, just let me know when it's gone through. Cash or cheque are also acceptable but that's it really. Nicola

Clay Bank East

just wondered if anyone would mind giving me a lift on Sunday. i can get to a suitable meeting place. Or I'm happy to drive people who can tell me where to go!!

Fryup cock up!

a big thank you to everyone for your concern at my non appearance at the end of the Glaisdale Fell race, I accidentally took a detour to Fryup Dale! Alas, no fry ups in sight! A special thank you to Shirley and Simon for embarking on a rescue mission. It would have helped if my phone hadn't been on silent. I feel I also ought to apologise for not mentioning earlier that one of my extra miles was carried out in the back of a land rover, a farmer kindly got me back on to my map! I felt daft enough without adding that to the mix!

London Marathon

I am up to 36 miles per week with a 16 mile long run. All advice gratefully received! I pondered Tessa's advice 'run like a pixie' as I ran for 2.5 hours in a gale force wind at the weekend. Tessa, how do you run like a pixie? I think I probably run more like a toddler!

I am raising money for MacMillan Nurses, the charity chosen by Oliver who goes to the school where I work and has brain cancer. MacMillan Nurses are not just helping Oliver but have also come into school to help his friends and teachers understand what he is going through.


I would just like to thank all those who work so hard for the club: the run lists, the training ideas, this web site, social events, etc, etc. I am very grateful. All this enables someone like me (not very confident and rather quiet!) to trot happily along in everyones' wake! Also led to me knocking 20 minutes off my previous half marathon time at the Brass Mankey!!!! Thank you.

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