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Dalby Dash Entry

Greetings All,

For the 2nd year running, I've left entry to the Dalby Dash too late.  Entries are now closed.  If anyone hears of someone with an entry that can no longer compete, please can you let me know and I'll try to change the entry officially.



Tuesday Night Training This Week

Greetings All!

Just a reminder to the regular Tuesday trainers (and a heads up to the less regulars).....

Tomorrow evening we are planning to do a "Timed Mile".  We'll meet at Malton Sports Centre at 6:30 as usual.  Then we'll make our way to Eden Camp for the fun and games.  

All welcome.  Road shoes will be order of the day.  Garmins will be useful to point out how accurate or otherwise the mile is.

I can't wait.

Andy H.

Found at Knavesmire tonight

If anyone lost a heart rate monitor at the beautifully scenic and balmy Knavesmire 10k tonight then Acron running club have retrieved it. Andy

Heh man! Wanna buy some shit?

Just a heads up to those of you who supplement your diets like the Coppercanyon Indians.

Scoops in Malton has found another supplier for chia seeds and is now much cheaper than Beechams Health Food Shop.  Her-Inside-The-Doors reported a 25% difference.

You have been told!

Andy H.

Crocks Trip to Commondale

Greetings All,

A year ago on Sunday, the men's team won a team event for the first time in our history in the Commondale Clart.  I can't race at the moment but, as it is such a notable occasion, I was thinking of driving over to watch this year's race.  

I don't like getting up earlier than I have to, so I won't be travelling in time for anyone to enter the race.  However, if there are any other injured parties who fancy going over to watch then I am happy to provide a lift.

Spectator for Yorkshire Marathon

Greetings All,

I am hoping to watch some of the Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday.  I've checked the route and thought it might be good to avoid the crush in York and watch at the half-way point near Buttercrambe.  I hope it might be quiet there but after a long trawl on the Yorkshire Marathon website (too much marketing guff and not enough clear information for my liking), I have discovered to my horror that the very spot I had in mind is marked as a Spectator Zone and has a charity stand included.  Can anyone help with the following:-

Would anyone like a Cross-Trainer?

Greetings All,

The children's toy-room is being re-planned into a "study room" - so I'm told.

There will be no room in the re-plan for our Cross-Trainer - so I'm told.

It is fairly old, and squeaks a little while it is being used, but otherwise it is perfectly serviceable.  I tend to use it as emergency back-up for the winter, when it is icy or lashing down with rain.  I would have liked to keep it but have to agree with Her-Inside-The-Doors that it won't fit in with the plans.

Another Fell Racing Convert?

I'm not sure how far the word has got on this but Serena completed the Viking Chase in fine style on Sunday.  

Although it was a well-measured performance, creeping in just under her personal target of 2 hours, it turned out to be just about the furthest distance she has ever run, not to mention the 1500 feet of ascent thrown in too.


Running Tips

I chanced upon these discoveries on Sunday and thought I ought to share.

1. On Sunday morning I moved a couple of slabs in the garden and was reminded what a fabulous cross-training exercise that is.  Jesus wept.  And if you haven't got so much upper body strength like me, it is a whole body exercise.  Right from the ankles, legs, straight-ish back, upwards.  I can't recommend highly enough.

Press Reports Update

Due to the unprecedented number of entries in some of the races at the moment, I have had to relent from my normal plan of trying to work in a mention of every PRC competitor in Press Reports.  (Note - sometimes the press cut a few out anyway - interestingly they seem to have a vendetta against Dean).

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