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First Aid Kits

Hi All, Can you just confirm if you are in possession of a PRC first aids kit please? I'm just about to ask Tess to put it on the website so that evevryone knows whose got what kit. Thanks, Sue

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Kilburn Kanter

Hi, Is anyone else doing the Kilburn Kanter on Saturday? If so, would it be possible to give me a lift? I can get to Pickering or wherever is useful. I also think there might be a spare place ,(Hilary's) if anyone is interested but I'm not sure how the transfer would work. Sue

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London Marathon

Hi All, It's that time of year when we apply for the PRC club place for the London Marathon. Unfortunately there is only one. If you would like to apply for the club place you will have had to have entered the ballot for London Marathon 2019 and provide proof of this. Also you won't have had a PRC place before. Finally please state how long you have been in the running club. The first two items being equal, the place will go to the member who has been in the club the longest. GOOD LUCK! and well done to those club members who are already in :-)

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Gormire Gamble

Just a note to say that the next Dave Perry Let's Run Winter Fell Race is on a changed date of Sunday 28th October. It's the Gormire Gamble. It was the first time it was run last year and it's a lovely route.

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Progress meeting

Hi Folks, Following the run tonight there will be a short progress meeting in the Cricket Club bar. Please attend if you can. Thanks, Sue


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Blakey Blitz

Hi Folks, I’ve just had a ‘phone call from Bob Lillie. They’ve decided to cancel Blakey Blitz fell race on Sunday due to the adverse weather forecast for Saturday night going into Sunday. Sue

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Dalby tonight

So sorry everyone, I been so busy that I didn’t chase Paul Ashford for a code for Dalby tonight.

It’ll be £4 I think , unless you have a pass.

Apologies, Sue

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running tonight

Hi All,

I don't know what it's like in Pickering, but I'm staying put up here in Lockton. I know Nick is planning to run and possibly Jen Buck. See you next week. Have a good and safe run if you're going. Cheers, Sue

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test blog

Hi All, I'm doing this test blog as I think most of our newer members aren't receiving blogs or forums through PRC emails. Please could you confirm if you have received this blog? Thanks, Sue

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Cancelled Dalby run tonight

Hi All, With safety in mind, I’ve decided to cancel the Dalby Run tonight. It’s going to get icy, so best not to risk the hill in and out of the forest. I have no idea what it is like in Pickering, maybe someone could update? Unless you hear otherwise, the Pickering Run is still on. Cheers, Sue

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