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It’s not a yellow blobstar

red blob is meeting point for Thursday night 14th Feb


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Scarborough club run on Thursday

please note that the start time for the club run is 7.15pm.

Meet in the upper car park near the swimming pool (if it is still there!)

from 7.00pm.

Mulled wine and nibbles on offer afterwards, feel free to bring along a contribution!

see you there!


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Christmas Party Menu

The Fox and Rabbit Inn

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Hi all,

Sorry we couldn't make it to Snainton tonight.

Not feeling too good.

Especially sorry as I had the maps, I hope you were able to have a good run out without them.


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Cropton Thursday 9th August

Yellow blob star for Thursday is on facebook page.

I won't be able to make it to Cropton on Thursday, is there anyone in Malton area who is definitely going who I could pass the maps on to?

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Club champs meeting place 12th July

new car park 250-300 metres past visitor centre.

yellow blob/star in centre of map

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Thursday run at Shirley and Simon's 19th July

Direction as follows.

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Venue for next week's club run is Slingsby.

Yellow blobstar in centre of map.

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Langdale End

venue for tonight 28th June 

yellow blob/star in centre of map

possibly best approached through Dalby

you have 20 minutes to get through free of charge!

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Thursday final numbers

Final call for sarnies and chips.

Those up for it are:-

Hilary Turner

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