Sunday training

Hi folks, it will be strength and hill session this Sunday , come and have some fun!!! Off road shoes please and thanks in advance .

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Congratulations to those of you who took part in the Trail Race on Sunday morning and to the two Simons who won the cups. 

 Sorry that I missed most of you on the way round, I only saw two--Simon J and Simon R who went past me before I had got over the Bridge  for the first time. 

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This afternoon I emailed Sarah at Fylingdales asking her to add our name onto her list for a visit --here is the reply..

""That's really great news to hear.I willadd you to the list-we already have a list generated for next yearso it will be after then Iget back in touch.

It's our aim to keep momentum with the visits so with a bit of luck it won't be long until our paths cross again.



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Absolute Beginners

 The club organised two very successful beginners courses several years ago, whilst they may not have attracted many new members to the club they did introduce over 150 people to running and we had over 100 people complete a 10 km Road Race as the summit of their course.

Organising the course gave members of the club the opportunity to participate in outreach, learn or develop skills and involve the club in the community which also significantly contributed towards club funds.

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Cleveland Way Relay - What next?

Following on from the success, pleasure and cameraderie of the Cleveland Way Relay I have been wondering if there is anything the club can do to further running in North Yorkshire.

The Tabular Hills Walk is a regional long distance path running across most of ‘our patch’. It goes from Scalby Mills to Helmsley, joining up the Southern limbs of the Cleveland Way. It takes in sections of several  of our summer routes.

Sunday training

Hi All, sorry for the short notice, I’ll be leading a training session on this coming Sunday . Thank you all and looking forward to seeing you, same time and same place.

Cleveland way relay

Well, what a day yesterday!

I'm so proud of our Pickering relay team and thank you all for your efforts! It all went like clockwork!!!!!

Cleveland Way Relay

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Club Championship Run

Sorry folks but I won’t be able to make it to the club championship this year as I have an appointment at York Hospital for an injection in my eye again.


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RAF Fylingdales

 Morning, just a reminder to those members going to visit Fylingdales on Tuesday night, can you please be at the carpark near the Guardroon by 5.45 pm. As far as I know a coach will collect us and take us on to the site. The tour starts at 6.00 pm. NO PHONES ,please leave them in your cars.

 Thanks Syd

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