Our Christmas Party is Booked

Karen and I have already set to on the Christmas Meal.  It is booked for Saturday 18th December at the Old Lodge in Malton.  Some December dates had already gone so we had to make a move.

Trying to remember all the requests that were aired at the AGM, we have: 3 menu options, one turkey, one vegetarian and one that I'll have.  4 courses including coffee and mince pies.  A Disco is sorted for afterwards. 

Obviously Karen and I will need to meet frequently during the year over a drink to organise finer details.  Look-out for menus in the Aut

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Extra L.D.W.A walks

  Filey Flyer  20.3.10. Sat.  22----16 ml.  Start St Johns Church Hall, Filey.

  Caperbility's Overview.  16.5.10  Sun. 24 ml.  Start , Sledmere Village Hall, this walk is what they call OFF TRACK,  i.e  quite alot of it is on Private land with no right of way, except for the day of the walk.


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Now there's a funny thing

Just went to the NatWest Bank in Easingwold to go through some really boring PRC forms, and the bloke behind the desk was a certain Ashley White who apparently used to be a regular member until 5 years ago and wishes to be remembered to all the oldies.

Told him about the planned reunion.


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 Thanks to Terry for organising a great trip to the Opera. To Pete for the lift. To Pete and Hazel for the after show drinks. Karen

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marathon training

 Having started really well this week with the quantity of the training, I am beginning to question the quality. The run on Wednesday morning was worse than useless. I enjoyed the intervals on Thursday, thanks to Tess and Steve. Tess had the fun factor!  Having run every day  ( Monday circuit training) up to Friday, I haven't run at all this weekend. I should do 14 miles today, but poorly children have put paid to that. So next week is a whole new week. Watch this space...... Karen


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"Kilburn Kanter"

  If anyone is interested I am willing to lead a party of P.R.C members on a hike over the "Kilburn Kanter" route ,the date I have in mind is the 12th JUNE---a Saturday . the route is only 26ml approx. It will be a daylight walk this year  statring at 8.30am.   Those who like to do it let me know, if there are plenty we could have a back up laid on.


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Re The Tandam

 Rest easy Peter , I understand the Tandam was cancelled once again, because of SNOW, Have never known it to be called off befor in all the years I was doing it and we had it bad at times.


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The Tandem

Hazel's b... hockey match was cancelled today at 0800, so I could have run the tandem today. Just hope to God that Sally doesn't find out, or I am so much mincemeat.

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PRC Anniversary

Due to a rash promise under the affluence of incohol, am making up a list of members past and present for the anniversary celebrations via club subs (yes I need a life, anyone got a spare one?) I am especially struck by 1) the staying power / loyalty of some members, 2) the different possible spellings of "Ellingsworth" and 3) how much the club has grown. 1990 saw 16 members. Last year there were over 50.


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 Good luck to all the club members  who are entered in The Tandam on Saterday, 28 miles ---not far, last 8 miles are the worst???. 


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