Loftus Poultry Run

Does anyone want to share a lift to the Poultry run on sunday?

If so, let me know, there are 3 of us going from Pickering, so there is room for one maybe 2 persons, i dont mind driving.


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Next Tuesday run

Hi all

Next Tuesday's run (2nd Feb) will be from my place at 1815:

4 Rose Cottage, Main St Kirbymisperton.

Ring me on 01653 668363 if lost, confused and bewildered.


Peter W

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Health Farm Rio

Hi Guys, Hello from Rio - Brazil, Stuck on a brand new oil construction vessel the Skandi Santos, in Rio Bay for 4 weeks. I will miss the runnning, the food is healthy and it has good Gym.

I will try and send some photo´s. The internet connection is not very good.

Bye Ian

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Results of Brass Monkey

Further to my earlier post, here are the club results.

Paul Marks: 1:44:09, Dave Ward 1:46:56, Dan Froggatt 1:47:34, Hannah Bosomworth 1:48:44, Claire Anderson 1:49:06 and Nicola Wise 2:09:07

Dave W

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Tuesday Night

I know this may seen an obvious question, but what time are meeting at Terry's

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"Brass Monkey Run"

 Good luck to all those who are running in the Brass Monkey  on Sunday, Just hope that it dosen't live up to it's name, I've done it when the roads have been like glass, it was "Brass Monkey "weather that year. Enjoy you run.

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Tuesday Run Feedback


We had nine souls plus two dogs who all enjoyed an off road circuit north of Pickering (Pluntrain lane-Newbridge-Castle) tonight 19th.

Lots of fun and banter...come and try next week?

The nine were Steve,Terry,Sarah,Karen,Ian,Dan,Hanna,Paul,Stephen Lab1 and Lab2

Good one.   Steve 

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Petes bike and soup Feb 7th

 I'll be joining you on my trusty classic for the bike ride. Just to let those who are contemplating this, but don't cycle a lot. Come along and enjoy the scenery and soup. I reckon you'll still be faster than me! Karen

Brass Monkeys

Is anyone else doing the Brass Monkey on Sunday? I'm scared!!! Have never blogged before either!

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Sunday 17th Run


Late call I know but Sundays 'run' will now be mountain biking in Dalby. Myself Jake and the pickering crew meeting in Dalby village CP at 0900 Sunday.

I have not seen or heard about any other runs organised at this side but shout-blog if you know different!

Regards Steve  

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