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Thursday nights run

 Just to let you all know , the road down to the cricket club is like a sheet of glass. Joy Hudson asked me to let you all know, you will get down O.K  BUT WILL NOT GET BACK UP. You could possible use the Ryedale Council C/P, it is on the left opposite the turn off to the cricket club. Also would you let me know if you are going to call the running off, then I can tell Joy and save her opening the club house up. Thanks     Syd

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The Tandem has been postponed

Hi all

Just rang the organisers and the Tandem has been cancelled due to the weather and is re-scheduled for the 20th of February.

There are likely to be some vacancies, and this new date gives us time to decide exactly who is taking part.

Anyone for a nice long run on Saturday now? I was getting all hyped-up..



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PRC Silver Anniversary 2010

We have had a few discussions regarding the clubs 25 year anniversary in 2010.
Dave identified the key date recently and although Nick may challenge the exact date and time of the first PRC run session it seems appropriate to mark the event.

So here is the proposal folks:

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Scotland Run Bike Cabin Hol

Hi Folks

Just thinking about another bike-run excursion before things get booked up.

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Just seeing if this works. Never done a blog before!

Happy New Year to you all!

There must be something in the water at Kirbymisperton?!?!



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 Martin, how do you upload photos on to the site? the same as I did on Yahoo with the York League, is it possable to do it. Syd

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The Tandem awaits

Portentious news awaited me at a gathering at the house of the Nobleman of Norton regarding ye tandem. It transpires that the Tipsy Queen of Kirbymisperton and an Empress recent from India have been blown to the 4 winds for reasons unknown. A man-Eagle and a she-eagle from Pickering will be flying alone and with much swiftness.

The evil Witch of Sinnington hath now decreed that I, a mere serf from the land of Worcestershire, will both run the tandem and also disguise myself as the Lady Sarah. Woe is me, as never so far hath I previously run and mascara have I not.

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From Karen

 Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I have started my marathon training. I thought it would be an idea to write about my training progress.  If you don't hear from me for a while you can give me a prod with a big blog stick. What are my aims? To deal with the excesses of too much drink and food, would be start. I would like to run a 9 minute mile at a conversational pace. A  tall order, if you have ever tried to engage me in conversation whilst running.  I ran to Great Habton today.

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Happy New Year everyone and firstly thanks to Terry and Kath for a great New Years Eve Party.

As some of you will know Doug is stepping down as Treasurer at the next AGM after many years of sterling work.

If anyone would like to be considered for this post please let me or any other member of the committee know.

No experience necessary.


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cycle 'n soup

Hi all

Cycle and soup from my house 10AM on Sunday 7th Feb. Same sort of thing as last year. Just let me have an idea of numbers beforehand.

Martin - one for the new calendar?

Terry - great hospitality last night as always.



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