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A little goal achieved!

Feeling quite pleased with myself coz I did 5 miles in 45 mins exactly this afternoon (including horrid Swinton hill!) - have been trying to get to av 9 min mile for a while, and have managed it at last! Must be the effect of joining such a lovely running club!

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marathon training

 Ticked all the boxes this week. Thanks to Terry for the hill training. And I've done a long run with a bit of a hangover  this morning. Bike ride tomorrow if I can find the garage key.

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cakes and apologies

hi there, did anyone leave some really lovely cakes on the back ledge at malton last night, if so they are at my house .... minus one as i was starving when i got home and couldn't resist ... sorry. also apologies for any upset that i caused last night, was not my intention.

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AGM start time

Does anyone know what time the AGM will start please (cos I might not run but hope to make the meeting tonight)?

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blogging/emailing advice


oh that seems to have worked!  ps - I also dont quite understand how the blogging/emailing thing works -
does everyone in the club get all emails/blogs automatically? or...?

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events lists

Hiya - as  a complete 'new person' trying to find my way around this
whole running thing!...Id find it really helpful to know what local runs
there are to do (and maybe who from the club has entered them?) Or is there
some other way of finding this out...It would be helpful to know quite a way
in advance, so there would be time to sign up for things/book any time off

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Organised run results

I think it would be nice if there was a page on the web site where it listed club members who have taken part in organised events, with their times and acknowledgement of achievements (maybe BP times), more like a press release.

Indivduals could also add comments on the organised events, how they felt the run went, and would they do the run again!

And possible a list of upcoming events in the area, this may encourage more club members to take part in local runs.

If we continually add this data over the years, it would be intere

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Results matrix

I`ll vote with Terry in that this doesn`t have to be a elitiest thing.   For those that want to ,why not have spreadsheet with races and results  on where a number of people have taken part .

That way there would be a record kept of peoples achievement from year to year  and this would be helpful to people organising club events and training nights

Some clubs have internet records going back more than 10 years and I like to look back into some of the race results from previous years.If we had our own archive I think we would all see the value of it in 5 y

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List of 10k times on the club website

I agree with Karen and Caroline's blogs re-run times on the website.  I am concerned it may deter people from joining the club (and I am hoping for someone slower than me to join soon!).  I think Dan's idea of members adding their times to the fetcheveryone site, if they want to, would address the issues Terry raised in his original blog. 

Karen - are you intending to do the run from Pete's tonight?


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L.D.W.A Walks------Runs

Sat' March 6.  Trollers Trot .Threshfield. 24or12ml in 10hrs.

Sat'Apr17th. Wensleydale Wander, Leyburn.12 or22ml in 9hrs.

Sat'May8th. 26th Windmill Way Challenge. 13 or 26ml in 10hrs. Skidby.

Sat'Jun19.Shirley's Smiles. ??. Ellerker Village Hall. East Yorks. 

Sat'Jun26. Tranquility Trail. 15or25ml in ??. Kilnwick Percy Hall.

Sat'Jul3. 12th Osmotherley Phoenix. 17 or 26 or 33ml in 10hr. Osmotherley Vill' Hall.

Sat' Aug 7.21st Hanging Stone Leap.13or24ml in 10hr.. Guisborough Rugby Club.

Sat.Aug 28.

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