Sunday training

Hi everyone,i guess we all had fun last sunday!! this sunday , we are going to do some hiit , Fartlek and finish with our fastest miler. bring a drink with you and let's have some fun!! DAVE

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Hi all,

Sorry we couldn't make it to Snainton tonight.

Not feeling too good.

Especially sorry as I had the maps, I hope you were able to have a good run out without them.


Sunday training

Hi all, come prepaired this sunday for cardio workouts and hill repeats, we are going to have some fun ! DAVE 

Sunday training

Hi all, for those who’re going to make it this Sunday , we will be doing strength training and tempo runs. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Sunday training

Hi all, for this coming Sunday, we will be doing Hiit and speed play. Looking forward to seeing  you all.

Sunday training

Hi all, I know you’re all looking forward for our hill session tomorrow, don’t forget to bring a drink with you.

Sunday training

Hi everyone , looking forward to see you all  this Sunday, for some Fartlek , Hiit and fastest miler. It’s gona be fun.

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Cropton Thursday 9th August

Yellow blob star for Thursday is on facebook page.

I won't be able to make it to Cropton on Thursday, is there anyone in Malton area who is definitely going who I could pass the maps on to?

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Ravenscar Rumble

Hi all, anyone from Malton/Norton taking part in the Ravenscar Rumble tomorrow (starts at 19.15) and wants to lift share? Lizzy

Sunday training

Hi everyone, just to let everyone know, we are back as normal for this coming Sunday . Looking forward to seeing you all, same time , same place. Dave

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