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Here are the Dates for the York League Races next Year (2018)

 Pocklington ::::::  April  24th    this will be a early start::19.00 hrs.

 Tadcaster    ::::::: May 8th.

 Easingwold:::::: May 22nd.

Knavesmire:::::: June 5th.

Bishop Wilton ::::June 19th.

 Wistow   :::::: July 3rd.

 Bishopthorpe :::  July 17th .   Handicap night   19.00 hrs Start

 More details after the next meeting in the New Year.


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Has any of trhe runners who take part in the York Tuesday night League Races have anything that they would like airing at the A.G.M tomorrow (Tuesday night) ,If so please email me and let me know.

 Thanks  Syd


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Event clips

Event clipEvent clipHi I’m taking orders for these event clip’s you get 4 in the pack they are snap lock number fasteners, will not rub, dose not damage your running top they are £4.99 for a set ( pack ) if we get quite a few

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York marathon and 10 mile

 Hello all

Well done to everyone who took part in the York marathon and 10 mile! Unfortunately my race didn't go to plan but I would love to know about your heroic efforts so I can mention them in my next press write up! Please share your stories and also let me know if you were running at a different event this weekend. 


Lizzy x

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Press report this week

hi all

Sadly I've missed any club runs this week so haven't had a chance to hear what races people have tackled last weekend - please let me know so I can write you up for your 15 minutes of fame this week!

Rachael x

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I know that this request is early, but has any of the Y.D.R.R.L runners got anything that they would like airing at the League A.G.M on the 7th November. If so please email meso that I can forward any request onto the League sec' to put on  the agenda.

 thanks  Syd

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Free Paintball


Is anyone up for a FREE paintball session in Dalby on Wednesday afternoon? You can have FREE entry into the forest (or pick up from Malton/Pickering/Thornton-le-dale), followed by FREE tea and strawberries. Hoping two or three of you can bunk off for the afternoon. All in the name of art!

If anyone can join in the fun let me know and I'll send you more details. E., M. 07740379215



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Beaten by Buttermere - a tale of incompetence & misfortune

I was all set for the Buttermere triathlon. The BIG CHALLENGE was the 44K bike ride including the Honister Pass with 25% gradients, but with all my training, nothing could go wrong, could it?

The 1.5K swim was in Buttermere and we were given clear instructions to start behind a big yellow buoy. Most swimmers chose to completely ignore this instruction and start up to 100M beyond and the organisers couldn't care less. This made any results pretty pointless! Anyway the swim was absolutely fine except I got a bit wet and I took my customary 5 hours to remove my wetsuit.

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I`m coming through Malton and Pickering if you want a lift tonight   01653648248

Mike W

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Printer Inks

Hi all ,  does any body have a EPSON Printer that uses the following ink ;;; T801-6  as I have 4 Multi-Packs of 6 cartridges  plus3 Blacks;;; if you have, contact me if you can make use of them  you can have them,.


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