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Cropton tonight


can someone help with some directions to where the meet for the Cropton run is tonight? Too lazy to find my OS map..... Thank you! :)


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Tadcaster Race

Those going to Tadcaster tomorrow night and need to car share please meet at "10 Welham Road  Norton. No later than 6.30 , parking at Tadcaster isn't all that so good.  Can we please keep the cars going ,down to a minimum , thanks.


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Tuesday Training

Training will will take place as usual this week - Malton Sports Centre, 6.30pm. We could do some hills.                  Terry

The Club's YHA membership discount

Hi All,

I seem to remember that the Club has/had  YHA membership , and with it came a discount that we could use as individuals .

Could anyone tell me ,please, if this membership is current and how to claim the discount when booking ,online , a YH stay .

Thanks Nick

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Pocklington Run. Important Message

I have just reiceved a important message from Pocklington Runners which concerns the run tomorrow night.   "Please arrive early and in good time, car sharing if possable as there is road works "Traffic Management " .A three way Traffic lights corner of Burnby Lane (Rugby Club) and also top end of Percy Road 400m from the start. We are asked to avoid parking at the Rugby club is possable.

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Y.D.R.R.L Pocklington

Those wanting lifts to Pocklington on Tuesday night Please Meet at my House  (10 Welham Rd  Norton )  6.00 pm  No later than 6.15pm.   

  I still Have the Following Race Numbers Left For  >>Christopher  Adams>>Peter Allen>>Shawn Imeson>>Ellen Sharpe>>Hilary Turner.      I will have them with me at Pocklington to hand out ,So you will have to look out for me,  some of toy maybe away on holliday..

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209 Events Spring Training Camp

I attended this years training camp in the Algarve, Portugal. I used to be a regular at this week of running, but have not been for about five years. It was always a great week, but if anything it has got even better. It is suitable for runners of all abilities and is a great thing to look forward to at the start of each year. Take a look at the 209 Events website. i will certainly be going next year, and would welcome the company if any PRCers would like to join me. If any of you would like to know more about the week, will be happy to answer questions. Cheers Terry
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Tuesday Training

For those not participating in the road race league, training will take place as usual, 6.30pm at Malton sports centre.


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Handicap Run Trophy

As Sue mentioned this evening, I need to contact Damen Cox.  He won the handicap race last year and has the trophy.  I was expecting him to join the club, but I think he only came to a couple more Thursday runs. Does anyone know him, or know how to contact him?        Terry

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