Sunday training

Hi everyone, for this Sunday we will be doing speed work and Hiit training, looking forward to seeing there.

Sunday Training

 Hi everyone, just quick reminder about training - we will be meeting this Sunday (15/07/18)   Woodland Park car park off Whitby Rd, 6:45am. Looking forward to see you all, Cheers Dave

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Club champs meeting place 12th July

new car park 250-300 metres past visitor centre.

yellow blob/star in centre of map

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Thursday run at Shirley and Simon's 19th July

Direction as follows.

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Y.D.R.R.L Wistow

Those going to Wistow on Tuesday night requiring a lift meet at my house by 6.00pm no later and please let me know those wanting a lift.For those driving themselves tturn off the A64 at Fulford for Shelby, follow the A19 through Escrick turn right on stretch of dual carriageway ,then follow that road down to Cawood ,over the new bridge,traffic lights go left ,follow road in to Wistow.

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Venue for next week's club run is Slingsby.

Yellow blobstar in centre of map.

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Langdale End

venue for tonight 28th June 

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possibly best approached through Dalby

you have 20 minutes to get through free of charge!

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YDRRL Bishop Wilton

York League Runners, 

 Meet at my house those requiring lifts NO later than 6.15pm. Those driving them selves go out to the Stamford Bridge Road —the same way as you went for Pocklington but DONOT turn off that road until you have started to go up Garraby Hill ,there is a sign post says Bishop Wilton with the road on you right.

Change to Sunday training

 Hi everyone,

Great session today - thanks to those that came! Just to let you know there won’t be any training next week as most menbers will be at Cleveland relay. Next session is Sunday 1st July 6:45am. Please can we meet at Woodland Park, Whitby Road in car park. Cheers Dave

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Thursday final numbers

Final call for sarnies and chips.

Those up for it are:-

Hilary Turner

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