Should I Join

Pickering Running Club is a growing club and we always welcome new members aged 18 or over (we have one member in his 70s). So if you are thinking of joining, just turn up on a Thursday night run and see how it goes. You are welcome to come for two or three runs before making a decision about joining. Or, if you would feel more comfortable introducing yourself first or have any questions, please feel free to contact a member.

If you are concerned about the pace, it is recommended you are able to run 5 miles or so at a slow-to-steady pace with only a few stops, although we do split into different groups depending on ability and never leave anyone behind.

Once you decide to join, you need to complete a membership application form online. We will then register you with England Athletics, if you wish, and give you a number which will qualify you for discounts in most races (usually £2). You will also be contacted by the Membership Secretary receive full access to this website and be invited to join our Facebook site.

We welcome every member to participate in all aspects of the club. There is a thriving social scene and invariably many of us stop for a drink after the run and get together for activities other than running.