Wistow 10K -- YDRRL 2011

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For those not lucky enough to make it to Wistow for the YRRL 10k, I have to say I have never felt prouder to be a member of a sports club (and I've been in a few).

There was another large batch of personal bests achieved. And everyone clearly gave it everything. There was such a collective buzz of achievement.

No Pickering runner was overtaken in the final stages of the race because of the cacophony of encouragement yelled at them by the rest of the squad (Dan easily the loudest). You should have seen the sprints that Dean, Malcolm and Syd produced to please the crowd.

Homemade wine, ginger beer and flapjack afterwards (thanks to Malcolm and Kim).

The usual post-race camaraderie reigned supreme and then we realised there was only ourselves and York Postal left in the car park. As Dan said - "Which club would anyone have wanted to be with?"

Wait 'til I get my teeth into the newspaper report.

See you at Dalby - Andy.

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Race Report
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Wed 13 Jul 2011 (All day)