Brass Monkeys

Is anyone else doing the Brass Monkey on Sunday? I'm scared!!! Have never blogged before either!


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"Brass Monkey"

Don't worry Nicola, nothing to be scared of, just go and enjoy it, you'll be o.k.

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Brass Monkey

Hi Nicola,

Daniel and myself are doing the Brass Monkey run on Sunday. It will be fine, had a look at the course and it is fairly flat. Did a long run yesterday and feel more confident than I did. I'm sure you will be fine. Best of Luck, Hannah

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Brass Monkey

Hi Nicola,
I am doing the Brass Monkey 2. Hadn't been training much as had nasty fall, but went running yesterday did 9miles and it was ok!!! Let's hope the weather is the same as yesterday then it will be spot on!!!!

This is my 1st blog 2. Hope I have done this right!

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Brass Monkey

See you there. I'm number 606, wanted 666!
Dave W