Petes bike and soup Feb 7th

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 I'll be joining you on my trusty classic for the bike ride. Just to let those who are contemplating this, but don't cycle a lot. Come along and enjoy the scenery and soup. I reckon you'll still be faster than me! Karen


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Marathon Training

How's the training going Karen? You said to give you a nudge if you go quiet and I haven't seen anything about your training since? I'll be going on the bike ride too so see you there. Got a weeks snowboarding in Bulgaria first though. We go a week on Thursday. Should be at run club this Thursday too.

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Official date to start training is today. I'm circuit training tonight. Have a good trip, and see you at the cycle. x

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Cycle n' Soup Kirbymisperton

Excellent Karen. Now let's see if your presence acts as an encouragement or deterrent for any others!
Peter W