Bluebell Trail 10

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The Pickering one strikes out west, well to Halifax. While you were all getting ready for the Kirkby 10k, I was hauling myself around possibly the hardest 10 mile trail run I have ever had the misfortune to try.

It starts off gentle with a run round a park through a wood and onto a canal towpath, and then at nearly four miles we met ‘Trooper Lane’. The most evil cobbled twisting hill imaginable, the stuff nightmares are made of. It turns grown men into quivering wrecks, well it did me. The next four miles consisted of undulating farm land, rough tracks, cobbled lanes (forgot the clogs), past dark satanic mills and steep slippery descents through woodland trying to admire the lovely bluebells without falling over. Finally it finished with a gentle run along canal towpaths again to a knee deep river crossing and across a rugby pitch to collapse over the finishing line.

 I managed the course in 1 hr 45 minutes and that was giving everything I had. As they say on the entry form this was not for shrinking violets! Once I forget the pain I may try it again!

Dave Ward

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Race Report
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Mon 07 May 2012 (All day)