Smugglers Trod 25 Aug 2012

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This is an LDWA Challenge Event where participants either  walk or run and navigate a 25 or 17mile route ,so  its not a race (but ,suprisingly,some treat it as such !)
Its one of Syd`s previous regular events and he`d left spoor;his name  being listed on the displayed results sheet from 1987 ! I did the 25m long route (130 finishers),which splits from then re-joins the short route.They were 253 finishers in total for both routes combined ,so a good ,and  very friendly ,turnout.

It`s an anticlockwise route starting from Fylingthorpe,Robin Hoods Bay and takes in Maybeck ,Littlebeck,around Newton House Plantation,the Flask Inn ,Ravenscar Mast then returns along the old railway line to drop into then back out of R.H.Bay.I like it because  it`s  local and links together a lot of territory I`m already familiar with;bits of the Tandem ,Falcon flyer and Lyke Wake routes.

The terrain underfoot varied from open moorland,hardcore tracks ,grassland,road and a good stretch of old railway.I wore studded fell shoes as the extra grip benefit out weighs the lack of cushioning for the hard stuff;I put in  extra insoles .Conditions underfoot were very wet and in places on the moors  very boggy-losing sight of my knees  a couple of times !-making for tiring and slow progress.Understandably,for first time  running ,route finding is a challenge as some of the moor paths are obscure(so compass out a couple of times) but a part recce  and  advice from Syd all helped but matters weren`t helped by the fog bringing visibility down to 100m,early on ,so no scenic views this time -unfortunately.Clearly, recceing is the thing to do if you`ve got the time as you can`t rely on always being able  to see anyone ,forwards or backwards,and even if you can they could be wrong!
I`d certainly reccommend The S. Trod; as  it`s an extremely well organised;friendly and local event ,though not too much climbing involved.There was more than enough food and drink available, so won`t carry hardly any next time.The marshals all dress up in pirate gear!,there`s grub at the finish and even a commemorative mapcase and badge,and all for the cost of  about three pints of beer (£10)(that`s pub prices of course ,not Rec.Club prices!).Worth considering next year ?;a warm up for the Yorkshireman perhaps!

Not that we ever need reminding never to give in ! I was pleasantly rewarded after struggling to keep pace with 3 other seemingly stronger runners up the slog to Ravenscar  mast ,when one slipped back muttering about hamstrings,another stopped to walk announcing he" was done",while No.3-after recovering down to the old railway- seemed to lose his sense of urgency!So it was  well worth hanging on,not that we were racing or anything!

My ,recorded,finish time was 4hrs.35mins.(but they started us before 8.00am which was when they started timing,so my running time was actually 4.38),and position;3rd.

Best Wishes ,Nick

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Race Report
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Sat 25 Aug 2012 (All day)