Yorkshireman off road marathon

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A beautifully sunny morning greated the 5 members of PRC lining up on the cobbles at Haworth for the Yorkshireman offroad marathon. All five members took a conservative start at the gun, with M Hetherton making the early pace from team PRC. Bob Horsman, Andy Mitchell and associate member Rob Armitage using the senior member's experience as a yardstick to gauge their own progress. Peter Winter  and Lynn Humpleby started at a slightly more conservative pace, keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. At the eight mile checkpoint, Horsman, Mitchell and Armitage, had tracked Hetherton, and Winter had tracked them, leaving a large cluster of green vests, running in unison. After a few comedy falls in the surprisingly boggy moorland section, and some undulating technical terrain, the male Pickering runners were still together at the 14 mile, and 18 mile checkpoint. At approximately the 21 mile mark, Mike Hetherton was looking the stronger man, and slowly pulled away from the group. Mitchell, Horsman, and Winter were still locked together despite the odd half hearted attack, seemingly glad of the company, and the encyclopedic knowledge of the route from Horsman, amazingly well recalled from last year. At the 23 mile checkpoint, emboldened by the proximity to finish, Mitchell broke away and gave chase to Hetherton. With 1 mile to go, the catch was made, but Hetherton displayed the determination he is known for and increased his pace to match the younger challenger. At the final cobbled climb, Hetherton proved stronger and left Mitchell in his wake. Meanwhile, Pete Winter had made an aggressive move of his own, leaving Horsman and Armitage with about 2 miles to go. The younger men chased him up the cobbles, and just as it looked like the the catch was made, Winter dug deep, and crossed first in a great first marathon effort. Horsman and Armitage were seconds behind. Lynn Humpleby crossed a short time later, having also completed her first marathon, in the most gruelling of events.  Overall, an excellent event, and an excellent performance from all PRC members. Mike's efforts proved sufficient to claim the Vet60 prize, as well as first club finisher.

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Race Report
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Mon 10 Sep 2012 (All day)