Autumn Marathons

Caballo Blanco is an inspirational American Ultra-runner who will be performing a presentation at David Lloyd Leisure Centre in York this week.  It therefore seems fitting that this week’s Pickering Running Club report focusses on long distance races.

Pickering Running Club’s answer to Caballo Blanco, Terry Greene has just completed 3 marathons in the space of 4 weeks.  This is business as usual for Greene each autumn.

The Northumberland Coast marathon was a new event for Greene and he encountered some problems following the off-road route.  Following detours over sand dunes and through a caravan site along this beautiful stretch of coastline, Greene finished in a time of 5 hours 50 mins. 

Back to the predictability of road racing, Greene demonstrated his metronomic running qualities by completing both the Wolverhampton and Nottingham marathons in the same time of 4 hours 41 mins.  Both these marathons are highly recommended by Greene. Wolverhampton being quite small and friendly.  Nottingham larger, well-organised and with a good atmosphere.

From a marathon expert we move to a marathon novice.  Steve Watson took on the tough off-road Yorkshireman Marathon at Keighley and achieved a good time of 4 hours 22mins.  This started very well, although through inexperience Watson must have set off too fast, and ended up being quite an adventure.  He hit the wall at 15 miles and needed a stop for food and drink.  Watson is close to breaking the 40 minutes barrier in 10k races but took exactly twice that time to complete the last (mainly downhill) 10k of this race.  To come through such a battle and still clock a time of 4:22 is remarkable.  He is now planning a longer training build-up to beat the 4 hour mark in a marathon in the spring of next year.

Taking their chance amongst 40,000 other runners, Hannah Bosomworth and Dan Froggatt took on the Great North Run.  Bosomworth proved to be on very good form as she improved her time from last year by 70 seconds to achieve a new personal best of 1:43:01.  Froggatt, who is not yet showing the electrifying form that he produced last autumn, finished in 1:50:11.

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Press Release
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Wed 28 Sep 2011 (All day)