Thursday night run

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Just a reminder that I’m doing the strength and mobility session this Thursday night. It will be mostly inside if we have the room, but we’ll do a short off road run too, so if you could bring headtorches and trail shoes please, that would be great


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Pickering Running Club

Pickering Running Club session – improving efficiency


1.      Breathing: too shallow and short can reduce efficiency by creating tension in upper body, and does not enable us to connect with our ‘core’ as well.

Lay on backs, hand on chest and belly. Breathe normally and see what rises first – should be belly. If chest, it is not deep enough.

Keep hands there and breathe in slowly through nose so that belly expands. Breathe out slowly through nose, deflating stomach and feeling hand fall. Do again, exhaling through mouth with a sshhh sound and feel abdominal muscles contract. Remember this sensation for later.

Now breathe deeply through nose, keeping jaw relaxed. Feel how shoulders relax down as you exhale. This is how you should try to breathe whilst running. Tension in jaw = tension in neck and shoulders, using too much energy.


2.      Warm up for a run: Lunge matrix, leg swings and strides. Use RAMP – Raise; Activate; Mobilise; Potentiate. Do strides in field on run.


3.      Easy 20- 30 min run focusing on deep belly breathing and relaxed face and jaw.


4.      Post run stretch: Lizard; lizard quads; lizard hamstrings; pigeon (or version of it) Important to hold for longer to actually have an impact on muscles, ideally a minute or more.


5.      Mobility: as runners, we should be able to, sit on feet, isolate big toes, stand on one leg and squat. This can be hindered by shoes, sitting a lot and poor posture in every-day life. Remind of sensation of abdominal muscles pulling in and get everyone to ‘set up’ – stand tall, relaxed, with pelvis tucked.

Exercises: toe yoga, cat cow, bird dog, donkey kicks, dead bugs, tree, sitting in hero pose.

Remind of importance of glutes in running. If hip flexors are tight and short, you will not get the full hip extension that helps fire the glutes, so may end up quad dominant, slouched and tired!


6.      Strength: Routine to do at least 3 times a week, but preferably most days as it is short.

Squats; press ups; lunges; plank variations; single leg deadlift.

Do in pairs after demo so that they can help one another, then do as a set. 10 reps each, 2-3 sets as a starting point.


This is the plan for tonight, just in case anyone wanted a copy of the routines and couldn't remember the funny names!

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Thanks for an excellent

Thanks for an excellent session, Kim :-)