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Hello to those who wanted to go on the visit , the quota is FULL .I have the 25 names now plus some. I am sorry but I can only take 25.  I have had to take the first 25 names and they are :-  Simon Ridley  2  //  Sally Raines  3 // Pam Garnett 1 //   Nicola Wise and Dean wise 2 // SimonTyrrell and Shirley  2  //  Marion Betts 2// Serena Partridge  1 //Paul Tate Smith  1  //  Jennie Storrie 1  // Nick Cousins  3 // Gemma Fearnley  2  //  Graham Robinson  2  //Sue Slack  1 // David Stephenson  1  //  Syd Youngson  1  //..

   That should add up to 25. 

  Can you all  EMAIL me the following,,,

 1/ YOUR full names of each individual intending to visit.

 2/ Full address.

 3/ Date and place of birth.

 4 Vehicle details, make and model including registration number.

 The visit starts at 18.00hrs  so please be at the Gaurd Room No later than 17.45.

 I have to have the above info in no later than Friday  the 27th April  the details i.e names etc cannot be changed at a later date.That should read into Fylingdales by the 27th April at the latest.



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RE: [Pickering Running Club] Update for Blog entry: THE VISIT TO

I am very happy to take a few people in my car. Let me know if you would like a lift.


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