Tuesday Training Runs

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Tuesday Training runs start at 6.30pm.  All members are welcome to join in. 

DateMeeting PlaceRun LeaderFurther Information
01.05.18Malton Sports CentrePhilMonaghetti
08.05.18Malton Sports CentrePaul1,2,3,4 min pyramid
15.05.18Malton Sports CentrePaulYassoo 800s
22.05.18Malton Sports CentrePhil1 mile reps at RPE 7,8,9
29.05.18Malton Sports CentrePaul

05.06.18Malton Sports CentreAnyone400m effort, 200m recovery, 200m effort, 200m recovery x 6?
12.06.18Malton Sports CentreTerryAs above, preceded by frisbee warmup and followed by perpetual relay.
19.06.18Malton Sports Centre TerryMalton hills
26.06.18Malton Sports CentrePhil1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3 min efforts
03.07.18Malton Sports CentrePhilIn pairs, 1 lap relay X 10
10.07.18MCSCHills; lamppost relay, town triangle, Spotted Cow