Tuesday Training Runs

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Tuesday Training runs start at 6.30pm and we meet at The Sports Centre, Broughton Rd, Malton.  All members are welcome to join us. As you can see most of our sessions during the summer are taking place on the school field - weather permitting! Also please note on the dates marked with a * there won't be many of us as we are running in the York 10k series.

DateMeeting PlaceVenueProposed Session
16.07.19Malton Sports CentreSchool FieldPaul's Plateau
23.07.19*Malton Sports CentreSchool FieldMonaghetti Farlek
30.07.19Malton Sports CentreSchool FieldYasoo 800's
06.08.19Malton Sports CentreSchool FiledPhil's Drill 1,2,3,4
13.08.19Malton Sports CentreWentworth StreetMalton Hills
20.08.19Malton Sports CentreSchool FieldPaul's Plateau
27.08.19Malton Sports CentreSchool FieldMonaghetti Farlek
03.09.19Malton Sports CentreSchool FieldYasoo 800's