Testimonials of Club Members


Marion says:

My name is Marion and about 3 years ago in March I made an attempt to get fitter and lose some weight.

I started with a 'couch to 5k' program with a goal to do the 'Race for Life' at Scarborough. I enjoyed reaching this goal so much that I set myself a new goal: The first Scarborough 10k. It was a great achievement and I lost 11kg whilst training. By now I was hooked.

Several 10k races and 4 half marathons later I was asked to join Pickering running club by some friends who joined at that time. Due to work commitments I was unable to come to the training nights so I couldn’t see the point of joining. I liked plodding along on my own and thought I was far too slow for a running club.

Then I heard about the beginner’s course organised by Pickering running club which I joined as it was held on my day off work. This has been a fantastic experience which lots of tips on different types of training, running with other people, running in a new area, meeting lots of new people and finishing with a 10k road race specifically organised for this group. Several beginners also had a first attempt at a trail race at Castle Howard.

After the beginners course I joined the running club and have had several great runs in Malton, Pickering and Dalby forest. At the moment I have to take annual leave to attend the training nights but it is well worth it. The club has so many friendly people. Some enjoy road running, some like trail and fell running whilst others even combine it with swimming and cycling to a triathlon.

An introduction to fell running had been organised at Clay Bank East which was greatly enjoyed by several members. I also attended a fantastic evening talk by Sharon Gayter about her ultra running. The last event for me this year was the Christmas party which was a lovely night.

Thanks for everybody at PRC to make this year a great year. The aim for next year is not to be last in road races (although this is often the safest place to be as I have been frequently followed by a first aider with a defib!), progress from a jogger and get a bit faster to become a runner, stay injury free and have an attempt at the Edinburgh marathon.

Kim says:

This time last year, I was running by myself, in and around the moors and Malton, entering the odd 10k. A very wise lady that I work with told me I should try coming out with her club on a Thursday night. My initial reaction was, ‘I like running by myself. I’m motivated enough to go running by myself. Why do I need to join a club?’ The thought that they might all be really fast and I would get left behind also crossed my mind! After a bit of persistent pestering though, I decided to give it a go, and am really glad I did. We ran around some beautiful countryside that I didn’t even know existed and it didn’t hurt that we finished with a trip to the pub afterwards!

Since I joined in April, I’ve become even more addicted to running, by myself and with other people. The summer road race league was a highlight, as I achieved a personal best each time I ran. For the first time in my life, I’m getting pretty good at a sport and it’s because of the consistent support and advice from everyone in the club. I’ve even got a few little trinkets for my efforts. My P.E teachers would not believe it!

One of the best things about running with PRC is the camaraderie and support at every event. We are one of the only clubs to wait at the finish line until everyone is home, so the final finisher gets the most impressive reception! But it’s not all about the races. Thursday nights are great fun and everyone is catered for: we never leave a man (or woman) behind!

If you are reading this, then you must be considering coming along on a Thursday. Just have a go! The worst thing that could happen is that you find yourself sitting in a pub, a bit sweaty and tired with a really good bunch of people.

Kim England (Obsessive runner and fair-weather roadie).

Lorraine says:

My name is Lorraine and I have been running with PRC on and off for eight years. PRC is such a fantastic club, there are so many different age and abilities that it doesn't matter whether you just want a social run or want to train hard, it's up to you to put in the effort and get out what you want. The club have encouraged me to do long distances that eight years ago I would have never imagined I could do. Running is such a fab pastime and if you can incorporate this along with some of the most wonderful people with bags of enthusiasm and feel part of something then all the better.

My passion is for fell running and PRC have a great team which regularly competes in the local series which takes in some of the most beautiful parts of North Yorkshire. In my opinion there is no better way to spend a cold winter morning or a sunny summer evening than a great race with the added camaraderie of scrambling up, and running uncontrollably down our wonderful hills and dales. To join PRC means friends, fun and most of all a great sense of achievement.


Vanessa says:

Hi my name is Vanessa and I joined Pickering Running Club as a jogger but am now a runner (but jogging is ok). I had spent the previous couple of years walking/jogging around the streets of Pickering and the Moors at Rosedale but never really getting any better, faster or fitter and couldn’t see how I could improve. Not only has my fitness level increased but I have also made friends that I would never otherwise have met.

The club accommodates all ages, sizes, abilities and so if you fancy a hard work out, then there will be someone on your heels, alternatively fancy less of a run and more of a chat, then there is certainly that option available.

The summer runs have to be my fav, going to places that you otherwise wouldn’t think of going to, and of course there is the customary drink at the end - by the way mine is a Guinness!

What I have found really refreshing is how everyone at the club is willing to share their experiences (and they have had some!!),  training plans and more.... don’t like driving in the snow – text Steve and your personal taxi arrives, fancy a drink with the girls then call Karen.....

I know it is scary to come along the first time (well I was), but give it a go it is certainly well worth it.


Philippa Hare says:


I started running in spring 2009 at the age of 52 while off work with a broken tib and fib.  I had never run before but in a rash moment decided to sign up for the York Race for Life 5km, purely to give me something to aim at in my rehab. At the time I didn’t know if I’d be running, walking or even still on crutches – but in the end I did run it (31 minutes) and was ridiculously chuffed with myself.

By then I had got the bug and went on to sign up for a few 10km road races and then the Haweswater Half Marathon. Around this time I also plucked up courage to join the club – I still remember how nerve-wracking it was to arrive in a sea of hi-viz and head torches at Pickering Rec! But in spite of my obvious lack of talent and experience I was given a very warm welcome and quickly grew to look forward to the Thursday night runs, however wet, dark, cold or muddy! Soon I also started doing the Tuesday runs – with a smaller group and always offroad, whatever the weather.

Since then I’ve run a couple of marathons (Loch Ness and Windermere), and even a kind of ultra marathon (by mistake, due to poor navigation!). I’ve also started doing the Winter Fell Race series - I’m always in the back pack but its great fun to be running high up on the Moors, and Ive got lost with a wide range of really nice people!

I do love the running but also enjoy just being with other like-minded (that is, crazy) folk and getting out into our glorious countryside through all the seasons – it certainly beats lounging in front of the telly even on a winter’s night, and in summer its truly wonderful. I’ve also been on several great running/walking/cycling trips in the Dales and Scotland with fellow members. Ive learnt a lot from other members and have been inspired and encouraged to do things I never thought I would.  If you’re thinking about joining us I’d say, just do it! If I can, anyone can – and I’m sure you won’t regret it

Peter Winter says:

Hi. I'm the chap on the left with fellow club-members Tess and Steve, about to compete in the Helvellyn Triathlon in the Lake District. This consists of a 1.5Km swim, a very hilly 60K bike ride, followed by a run to the top of the second-highest mountain in England.

Before joining Pickering Running Club, I had dabbled in short “sprint” triathlons (16 lengths of a swimming pool,20K bike ride, 5K run), but never had the confidence to buy a wetsuit and go for something more ambitious. A club gets you to meet like-minded people who then encourage you to take that step further. The fact that other people you know are training for the same event does give you that extra motivation to cycle / swim / run that little longer. Longer bike rides are that much more enjoyable with people you can con into buying you a coffee half-way round.

So, my advice to any strangers reading is this: Join us, you won’t regret it!